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MiG-29 For DCS World Download Compressed File

What confuses me is the fact that the default campaign folder contains also the Mig-29 Over the Hump Fixes (v2.5x).txt file which details all the changes by MadDog-IC but the miz files are newer and are of different sizes than those included in the MadDog-IC download (so apparently the default and MadDog-IC miz files are not the same).

MiG-29 for DCS World download compressed file

Download Zip:

The file is a bit large at 147 MB, that's because each missions include a custom kneeboard and also because the missions use the excellent iranian liveries made by @sadjad-vosoul and he has kindly allowed me to include the skins within the download, to ease the install and have one less item for the users to go hunting for :)


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