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Mean Girls Burn Book Font 22

225. in the face of new forms of urban and social exclusion, a renewal of consciousness is called for. spiritual experiences can clarify the unjustified bitterness which leads to discrimination, violence, exploitation and poverty. they help to link up with others, to change the perspective of those who are excluded from society, and to restore friendship and solidarity in the name of jesus. we should therefore encourage inner reflection upon the role of religion and spirituality in the problems of the modern city. the spiritual can no longer be confined to the sanctuary of home, the church or the convent, but it is possible to find or to create an encounter with the lord wherever we meet people and in any activity of the church or of the various christian communities and schools. faith is not a private matter: on the contrary, it is the exercise of the whole person, a gift which comes to us from god and which makes us members of the human family. this is an article of faith which we proclaim to all and which brings us into a dialogue with others. as a church, we should therefore adopt a pastoral attitude towards people from other cultures, races and religions, in order to bring out the good in those with whom we share life, and the more we do this the more we find happiness in life, in families and in the church. we are called to follow the paths which lead us to a new world of dignity, belonging and peace, a world which does not exclude anyone but which makes each person count, a more united world. [178]

mean girls burn book font 22

227. christians are called to remain alert to the great wave of secularization in the world of today, which is creating a new horizon of risk for religion in a world where it is a declining phenomenon. for this reason, the gift of the encounter with god, the encounter with the mystery of jesus and the church, must be renewed in a culture which is not christian, and where secular and pagan spirituality is more often the chosen way than the gospel. christians are called to be prophets and apostles in dialogue with a people which they are called to accept and who at the same time reject them, a people whose lives are oppressed and wounded by a spiritual darkness which they desperately need to see.


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