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He was placed under suspension at least twice: Once after he not only crashed a School Bus full of kids for the 15th time, but was also revealed to not possess a drivers license[1] and another time when, out of fury that Bart stole the bus (and thus cost him his one and only chance of proving himself to Metallica by giving them a ride), spanked him "for every Bus Driver, Teacher, Lunchlady, etc." and getting caught by Principal Skinner (as he wasn't supposed to deal Corporal Punishment on kids).[4]

Bus Driver Gold Full Version Crack

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Seeing as there were no seats left, O'Reilly had to stand in the aislethe whole way home. It served him right although it was a pity in a waybecause we could have had a bit of crack. The bus was very damp and thickwith cigarette smoke. I would say that everybody on the bus was smokingexcept me. I hate smokers. Francesca takes the odd one knowing my attitudefull well. My father promised me a hundred pounds if I didn't drink orsmoke before I was eighteen. I was only about five or six when he madethe promise and a hundred pounds sounded like a lot of money back then.It is fuck all now that I'm nineteen. Daddy if you can hear me you oweme fifty quid, I don't smoke.

The bus was cramped. It was irresponsible in my opinion and probablyillegal to transport that amount of people at the same time. We were squashedin like pigs. And I couldn't believe the amount of luggage some peopletake with them. I mean I've seen pictures in books of Third World transportationand I know the way they carry on over there. People hanging off the sidesand goats and hens on board as well as the contents of entire homes. Butthis is Ireland in the latter half of the twentieth century and economiccircumstances are different. To the best of my knowledge there was no livestockon the bus apart from a goldfish in a plastic bag some fella was bringinghome as a present. But there were rucksacks and step-ladders as I havealready mentioned, suitcases and hold-alls, cardboard boxes and plasticbags, ironing boards, pots and pans, a television set, a metal dustbin,wickerwork, sleeping bags full of dirty clothes, tons and tons of personalpossessions, presents, household goods. There was no room to move or evenbreathe, wedged in as we were by the damp bric-a-brac of these temporarymigrants. Every space was occupied, overhead and underfoot. They were likea bunch of ants humping scraps back to the hill for inspection and I knowall about ants. The flat is infested with them.

Sometimes if the bus wasn't too full I'd sit up beside him for the crack,seeing as how he was a neighbour of mine. In every single town we wentthrough on the way home, he'd point out a road or a street or a tree wherehe said he'd rode some woman in the past. Or he'd indicate a spot on theside of the road where he'd picked up a hitch-hiker who later sucked himoff when he used to be a lorry-driver. He was full of shite. I used tocollect the money from the passengers for him now and again in exchangefor free transport, but not today. No, I was going to enjoy a good snoozeif the woman beside me would ever shut up.


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