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Our volunteer divers were all eager to head to our previous cleanup site to the south of Keahole point on Hawai'i Island after a nearly two 2-month hiatus. Swells have been huge, holidays have come and gone, and it was about time to resume our normal cleanups there via Kona Honu Diver's biggest boat, Honu One.


We always seem to find new lures, lines and lead fishing weights, as well as more encrusted, older fishing debris, so everyone was happy to hear we were heading over to the westernmost point on the Big Island for more cleaning!

Our crew this day along with me: Barb Schnurr, Bob & Debbie Pecoraro, Carolina Piel, Dee Fulton, Donna Sievers, Ivan Vasquez, Jamie Pardau, Karen Bohner, Laura & Doug Posson, Laura Cartwright, Lucas Fuhrman, Meghan Murray, and Ted Frandsen. Our KHD crew was MJ MacMahon and Captain John Coladonato.

Divers are always told to keep off the reef when we work, of course, and to always practice neutral buoyancy, even with a heavier and heavier collection bag, but we all weren't quite prepared for the surge underwater! We had 20-foot surge, which made items in cracks and crevices unreachable.

Meghan Miner Murray, one of our regular volunteers, said, I had to point at the object to keep it in my sight as the water swished around, until I was able to stop and collect it after the swell set." Great job Meghan!

One of the great benefits of working for a debris-free sea, is that we get to see our salty friends in their home enironment. Check out the beautiful marine flora and fauna. Please be sure to read to the end and see a very special friend who ended our day with a rush of excitement! 041b061a72


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