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Para Ark [v0.43] VERIFIED

Emulator: (lr-parallel-n64) lr-mupen64plus_next lr-mupen64plus mupen64plus(standalone) Rom Folder: n64 Extensions: .z64 .Z64 .n64 .N64 .v64 .V64 Bios: None Note: mupen64plus(standalone) will most likely have the best performance but is the least user friendly emulator as the keys are not easily reconfigurable. See the FAQ section for the RG351P/M or the RG351MP or the RG351V or the RGB10 or the RK2020 or the Chi and scroll down to the mupen64plus standalone emulator section for the default key configuration for the standalone emulator.

Para Ark [v0.43]

Different sources of EXP are separated into specific groups. You are able to stack 1 from each group. Having 2 of the same group will either have the higher rate in effect or the latest buff used (usually overwrites any existing buffs of the same group). 041b061a72


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