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Night Moves (Remastered)

Blue KnightVital statisticsStarting WeaponSheathed SwordElementIceSplash AttackIce ShardsMagic ProjectileIce BoltAir ProjectileIce ShardsElemental InfusionIce EncasementMagic JumpIce FistUnlock MethodStarterCampaign statistics HealthN/AInsane HealthN/ALocationLevelsBlue Knight is one of the 31 Playable Characters in the game Castle Crashers. Their magical attacks are Ice and their starting weapon is the Sheathed Sword.

Night Moves (Remastered)

Blue Knight, befitting of his name, dons a blue themed helm and tunic. He is usually portrayed as the most bored out of the knights. When injured, he can be seen crying or closing his eyes, mouth open.

Night 1 is the first playable night in Five Nights at Candy's and Five Nights at Candy's Remastered. It introduces the Mechanics of the Game, including Candy the Cat and Cindy the Cat.

"Uh hello, hello? Uh, junior manager here. Uh, so you're the new security guard, right? Yeah, it's great to finally have someone qualified for the job, you know? Haha. We had to, like, share the shifts because, you know, someone has to be here during the night. But with you, now we have more energy to be here during the day.

I think you're gonna fit in really well here. The staff here are really nice. Uh, we make sure to help each other out on everything. Like, uh, when we close late in the evening, we all make sure the floors and tables are properly cleaned, and all the dishes have been washed when we get off of the day. Uh, now, in order to save power of course, all the lights will, at night, be turned off. Don't worry, we have a desk lamp in the office you can use. If you open the maintenance panel, you'll be able to view the restaurant through the security cameras.

And the cameras all have a neat feature, which is night-vision mode. These cameras were the cheapest we could get, so the night-vision isn't THAT accurate. But it does retain the colors, which is good, I guess. Um, you can toggle the night-vision by activating the camera you're already on. And, uh, by the way, we have a security feature in the restaurant that limits how much power can be used after hours.

This is mainly so that our electricity bill doesn't skyrocket during the night if somebody forgot to turn off something somewhere, you know. Now, um, your office is also the information... area. Which you can tell because of the window counter in front of you. Uh, there should be a button underneath your desk too.

Uh, but don't worry. As I said, the doors will open up if that happens, so you won't be trapped. Uh, I think that was all for now. Uh, yep. Good luck on your first night here. Uh, don't fall asleep, and have a good night."

So, let's get started. We have security cameras all around the restaurant. And if you bring the camera panel, you'll be able to view the feed from each camera by pressing the camera buttons on the mini-map. Now, our lights are always off during the night. Obviously, because it'd be a waste of power to leave them on all night. So to actually see something on the cameras you can activate the card camera system's night vision mode.

You activate night vision by clicking on the button of whatever camera you're currently viewing. So for example: let's say you want to see what's on Camera 1. You bring up the camera panel, you click on the button that says "Cam 01" and then to use night vision, you click on "Cam 01" again. Once night vision is activated you can click on any of the other cameras, and view them with night vision as well. And you turn it off the same way you turn it on. Now, night vision takes more power than regular vision so make sure you use it sparingly.

I think it's something about the doors having an automatic fail-safe feature in case the power gets cut off. You know, so they open up if there's no more power? All I know for sure is that they do use more and more power the longer they're closed. So you don't want to keep them closed for too long at a time. Now, uh, the reason I keep mentioning the power is because the restaurant uses a back-up power generator at night when only has a certain amount of juice in it.

Oh! And uh, one last thing...the animatronics aren't completely turned off at night. So they might start walking around a bit. But just be careful not to let any of them into the office because we have stuff in there we don't want to be damaged or anything. Though don't bother with the ticket booth door they won't attempt to get in through there. That should be all! You'll hear from me again on your next shift. Have a good night."

Night 1 is the first playable night in Five Nights at Candy's 3.This night introduces Monster Rat, as well as several functions, including the tape recorder, flashlight, and bed mechanisims.

I'm the Origami Cat.How am i here? You're dreaming right now! Sort of... At least.This room you're in is your old room! From before you moved!But right now, it looks like you barely remember it.You've had a lot of nightmares lately, right?Well that's why i'm here!I have a couple of tricks to fighting the monsters..Remember a few years ago?You had trouble sleeping almost every night!So your dad gave you a cassette playerwith a tape with quiet music that he made for you so you could sleep.

which makes the nights go by MUCH quicker!Okay, there are 3 buttons on it that work: PLAY, STOP, and REWIND.Unfortunately, the pause and fast forward buttons are broken...But they aren't useful to you now anyway... So don't mind them.Press PLAY to play the tape, STOP to stop the tape where it is.You can only rewind the tape after stopping it.You can stop rewinding by pressing STOP while the tape is rewinding.Once the tape finishes playing, you rewind it as much as you can!

I used her, she used meBut neither one caredWe were gettin' our shareWorkin' on our night movesTryin' to loseThe awkward teenage bluesWorkin' on our night movesAnd it was summertimeAnd oh the wonderWe felt the lightningAnd we waited on the thunderWaited on the thunderI awoke last nightTo the sound of thunderHow far off I sat and wonderedStarted humming a song from 1962 041b061a72


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